ALSA EPIC (External Event Preparation Class) #2

ALSA EPIC (External Event Preparation Class) #2

ALSA EPIC (External Event Preparation Class) #2 is a daily event from External Affairs in introducing and assisting the preparation of members of ALSA LC Unsri in participating in work programs or events from ALSA International.

ALSA EPIC #2 activity was held at 04.00 p.m. in Ruang II  Faculty of Law, Sriwijaya University (Lembaga Bahasa) on October 30th, 2019. ALSA EPIC #2 began with an opening as well as remarks from Ahmad Widad Muntazhor as Director of ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Sriwijaya.

The first agenda began with a quiz about national events and the work program of ALSA National Chapter Indonesia and international events and ALSA International work programs, by Alya Dean Putri as Vice Director of External Affairs. Then, the event continued with Guideline in the making of Curriculum Vitae by Muhammad Harits as Vice Director of Academic Activities, Motivation Letter by Muhammad Rizky Apansyah as Manager of Public Relations Division, and Essay Class by Bunga Yuliana as Manager of Academic and Legal Development Division, followed by a question and answer agenda with the participants.

The activity continued with the External Sharing agenda guided by Alya Dean Putri as the Vice Director of External Affairs as the moderator. Speakers on the External Sharing agenda are: 

  • M. Fadhlan Taufiqurrahman – delegates of AILTW (ALSA International Legal Training and Workshop) Yogyakarta;
  •  Meydiza Nurul Alikha – delegates of ALSA Conference Thailand;
  •  Fadhilah Ramadhini – delegates of ALSA Pro Bono Conference Hong Kong; and
  •  M. Brillyan Alvayedo – delegates of ALSA Study Trip Japan.

Each speaker gave material and shared their experiences about the ALSA international events they had participated in and gave a few highlights through presentations, videos and/or sharing their experiences. In the external sharing agenda, participants were given the opportunity to give questions to speakers about ALSA’s international events. 

The agenda continued with the promotion of the upcoming discussion event conducted by Adam Hersydano as the demisioner of ALSA LC Unsri. ALSA EPIC #2 ends with a group photo.

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