ALSA Maps (Manner and Problem Solving Class) #2

ALSA Maps (Manner and Problem Solving Class) #2

ALSA MAPS (Manner and Problem Solving) is one of the daily events held by Human Resources Development Division, and the activity is in the form of training on manners and problem-solving. ALSA MAPS was conducted 2(two) times with different themes.

ALSA MAPS #2 was conducted on February 16th, 2020 at 1.00 p.m. at
Logo House, Palembang with the theme of manner.

Manner itself has meaning regarding how to behave properly and correctly in doing a thing or in an action. Manner is one of the important things to build and shape one’s personality to be better and better quality in various aspects. The speaker in this ALSA MAPS is Jessica Eryeti Dy, S.H. The PIC of ALSA MAPS #2 is Dameina Restu Amelia.

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