ALSA English Camp

ALSA English Camp

Event Review ALSA English Camp

ALSA English Camp was held in English Land, Jl. Governor H. A. Bastari, Palembang, on Saturday, February 22nd – 23rd, 2020. The event was held for two days and one night and the participants of this event have to use full english during the activity.

The first agenda of the ALSA English Camp was the “Take the Pilus” game, which was led by the Coordinator of Event, Anissah Maharani. In this game, participants are divided into four teams, and each team sends 2 members to join the game. This game aims to increase participants’ solidarity.

The agenda continued with the English Therapy agenda led by Miss Devi, one of the mentors from English Land. This activity aims to stimulate the curiosity and desire of participants to use English with confidence and courage. The second agenda was the Speaking Class led by Mr. Baybars and also Mr. Su. In this agenda, participants were asked to discuss a topic on “Underage Juvenille”, and then a Vocabulary Submission where participants memorized legal vocabularies. Before the afternoon break, the agenda continued with Flip Coin Games as a refreshing after-class game.

In the evening, the agenda was continued with Multimedia Class led by the mentor of English Land Palembang, where participants conducted an English learning while playing tongue twisters. The agenda on the first day ended with a night event with all the participants of ALSA English Camp.

The second day’s agenda starts with an Outing Conversation, which is a kind of stretching in the morning and casual chat in English. After breakfast, the agenda continued with the Speaking Class #2 and Vocabulary Submission #2.

The ALSA English Camp activity ended with an Event Review by the participants and the ALSA English Camp committees, as well as the Closing Ceremony and Awarding Session which was led by Master of Ceremony, M. Reza Fathur and Anissah Maharani.

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