ALSA English in Your Area #2

ALSA English in Your Area #2

Event Review ALSA English in Your Area #2

ALSA English in Your Area is an event that aims to foster the interest, courage, and braveness of ALSA LC Unsri members to use English in their daily conversation. The agenda in this event is not only mingling activities using English, but also there are various kinds of games, so that the activities will be more fun.

This activity was held on Sunday, March 15th, 2020 at the house of one of the members of the ALSA LC Unsri, Humairah’s. This activity was opened by PIC ALSA English in Your Area #2, which is Melani Tania Wijaya.

The next agenda is group distribution. Participants were divided into 4 groups. While distributing groups, the MC also told the main rule in this activity is all ALSA English in Your Area # 2 participants are required to use English, if they speak in a language other than English, they will get a punishment.

The agenda continued with a variety of interesting and exciting series of games, which are, Whisper Challenge, Guessing Pictures, and Guessing Words (Tonight Show ver.). This activity ends with an awarding agenda for the group that has the most scores at the end of the series of games. The winning group at ALSA English in Your Area is Group 1. The agenda followed by a group photo session.

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