US Newsletter

US Newsletter

The work program Newsletter (US Vol.VII) of ALSA Local Chapter Sriwijaya University is a work program derived from the previous management. On this occasion, the open tender was conducted during the Local Pre-Deliberation, which was then elected by M. Dielfan Hakim as the Project Officer.

The work program of US Newsletter (US Vol.VII) lasted for approximately two months both from content search and design. As for this time the Newsletter (US Vol.VII) raised the theme “Industrial Revolution 4.0: Urgency of Dispute Resolution Monitoring in the Field of Fin Tech” , which then contains the contents of this magazine in accordance with the theme and is followed by contents related to ALSA Local Chapter of Sriwijaya University and the Faculty of Law of Sriwijaya University.

The magazine was printed 17 times, of which 14 were distributed to other Local Chapters, and the National Boards on Thursday, March 12, 2020 that took place in Surabaya. Which was the venue for the XXVII National Seminar and Deliberation (SEMUNAS XXVII), 2 as an archive for ALSA Local Chapter of Sriwijaya University and the rest is submitted to the library of the Faculty of Law, Sriwijaya University, For both campuses in Indralaya and Palembang.

The process of making this magazine began with material form distribution for the magazine by the Project Officer to the editorial team and the translator team. Then the design team continued to make a magazine design and then resumed the transfer of material to the printing team.

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